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How do I enter points?

Once you're logged into your household account, click on the name of the person for which you'd like to log minutes spent reading.

Fill out the Book Log information and click Submit. That's it! You'll see a message at the top of the page every time you reach a new level or earn a prize to go pickup at your branch.

To find out what you've already logged, click on the Reading Log tab at the top.

Our 2019 Summer Reading Programs

Early Readers Program Logo

For infants - children under age 5.
You are your child’s first teacher, and the library encourages you to read, talk, sing, write, and play with your child every day! In this program, track each minute you read to and with your child. It still counts if your 8 month old is chewing on another book while you read, and if your 3 year old makes a book that normally takes 2 minutes to read into a 20 minute activity by asking a lot of questions! Make sure to count time spent singing to your child, talking about letters and words, "writing" out a grocery list, or making up a story on the spot. All these activities help develop literacy skills and that's what we hope to encourage with this program.

Elementary Readers Program Logo

For students entering Kindergarten - students entering 5th Grade.
Your child is reading on their own (or very close to it!) Track any time spent reading - a book for fun, an assignment for school, a graphic novel, a non-fiction book about trains - reading is reading! Even though your child can read on their own, it's still a great idea to read aloud together. Alternate chapters or pages between readers, or even volunteer to read a chapter book aloud to the family by yourself throughout the summer! Reading prevents the summer slide where students regress in their abilities during time off from school.

Tween and Teen Readers Program Logo

For students entering Grade 6 – students entering Grade 12.
Any reading counts! A school assignment, a book for fun, manga, fan fiction - we just want you to read. Research has shown that engaging with stories about other people can improve empathy and theory of mind: in short, reading about other people makes you better person! Challenge yourself to read a book by an author from a different background than you, or a book about a character from a completely different perspective than your own.

Tween and Teen Readers Program Logo

For Adults ages 18 and older.
Feel like a kid again and sign up for Summer Reading!
Read the latest best seller, set a positive reading example for a child or grandchild, listen to an audiobook, enjoy some arm chair traveling. Log your minutes read and be entered to win weekly gift card raffles! Log your time at least once each week to be entered into that week’s drawing.

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